“I can’t leave him”: a special cat with a “special little nose” can’t live without care and attention

This cat is the best proof that you can be loved even if you are not like the others.

Fedya is not like other cats; he had a difficult childhood and is still sick. But it was his unusual face that made him an internet phenomenon.

After birth, Fedya was weak and sick. He and his sister lost their mother in infancy – the beautiful Lisa, clearly of Persian blood, could not bear childbirth and died despite the care of Natalia, the owner of the house.

The kitten since childhood had a flattened muzzle, strange eyes slanted to the bridge of the nose and not proper structure of the paws.

Natalya gave the two kittens a home and took care of them. The woman quickly found a new family for the healthy little kitten. Now it lives with friends of Natalia. But Fedya did not have a typical muzzle and a number of diseases, it was not easy to find a family for him.

A neighborhood cat actively participated in the fate of Fedya. She decided to “adopt “Fedya and actually replaced his mother. She could not nurse Fedya, but licked him, warmed him up and taught him everything a cat needs. The cat herself was only five months old at the time, but she went to great lengths to help the little one.

Natalia was surprised by the popularity that fell on her – after all, Fedya is now known all over the world.

“For us, he is an ordinary, simple cat with a unique appearance. Of course, it’s very nice that so many people love Fedya, it inspires us so much!”.

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