The dog called for help and barked as loud as he could: he was alone in the forest

Once Sebar lived with her owners in a warm and cozy house and never went hungry. But then something must have gone wrong.

Sebar ended up in the woods, where he was most likely left behind by his former owners. Many people don’t want to give their animals to a shelter and just leave them in the woods, which is very cruel.

Probably the dog named Sebar had been living in the forest for about 2 years, he looked tired and was very dirty. Sebar is also quite thin, as she only slept on the ground.

But then she was discovered by the hikers. Sebar rushed joyfully to the people, licked their hands and wagged his tail. He desperately wanted to be petted. The tourists took pity on such a nice and friendly dog, so they took him back to the city and gave him to an animal shelter. But Sebar did not stay there for long, because he was very handsome and quickly found his new family.

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