The bizarre relationship between mother and daughter caused stormy reactions: We are very close and like to be naked together, we clean and cook without clothes

The mother and daughter shocked many after they talked about their relationship and the way they are connected, which is why they spend most of their time naked.

The couple, who appear on the popular TLC show “sMothered”, which is about the unusual relationships between mothers and their children, even like to cook unclothed.

In a clip from the show, Pola (27) reveals that she is almost inseparable from her mother Francie (46), as reported by the Mirror, and the proud daughter says, “In a perfect world, I would spend all the hours of the day with my mother, naked and in bed. In Colombia, it’s normal to see your family naked. It brings us even closer together.”

And they enjoy a morning smoothie in bed, with little or no clothes on, as they introduce themselves to each other. Pola gives a glimpse of how close they are, adding, “We’ve cooked and cleaned in the nude.” Mother Frances can’t imagine spending time with her daughter any other way. “Being naked with my daughter is so natural to me. I feel like our relationship is so special, like we’re one person,” she reveals.

“I know everything about Paula. I even know when she’s going to have a big bowel movement.”

The unlikely duo cherishes their relationship. They’ve been through a lot together.

Paula explains, “I feel like we’re so close because when we moved to America, it was just her and me. I was only nine years old. Moving to a completely different country and learning a completely different language, it was all very difficult. Since then, we’ve been very close.

“Not everyone was so enthusiastic about the pair’s relationship, however, and viewers expressed shock at the family’s behavior.

“I’m all for being close to my mom, but there’s a limit,” commented one user, while another added, “But she was naked in front of the camera! What nonsense.”

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