“He hasn’t forgotten her”: lost dog waited on the street for its owner for four years

The dog fell out of the owners’ pickup truck during a trip and waited for them on the side of the road every day. They didn’t show up until four years later.

This heartbreaking incident occurred in Thailand. In 2016, a motorcyclist named Anuchit who was driving along the highway noticed a dog sitting in the same spot every day.

She decided to ask the locals if they knew anything, but they only said that the animal had been walking on the road every day for a long time.

As a result, the woman decided to take the dog to her and named him Leo. She took the animal to the vet and took care of it, but after a few days it disappeared from the house.

Then Anuchit returned to the country road and found him there again. After this incident, the woman took the animal food directly to the road and did not prevent it from getting there.

Long after the video was released, the first owner of the animal, a 64-year-old woman, emerged. She said the dog jumped from the pickup truck in 2015. When she and her husband returned to look for him, they were unsuccessful.

The reunion between the dog and its owner was touching, but Leo refused to get into the woman’s pickup and stayed with Anuchit. Anuchit cries and that night she asks Leo to let her dog stay with her because she is very happy with him. The dog’s owner answered in the affirmative. The women agreed that if Anuchit gets bored with the dog, she can always give it back.

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