Silvester Stalone gives information about the situation of Bruce Willis!

Famous actor Sylvester Stallone was among the first to publicly support his colleague and friend Bruce Willis after he announced that he was retiring from acting because he had been diagnosed with aphasia. The family of the actor, who became famous for the movie “Die Hard,” confirmed this news on Instagram.
Aphasia is an acquired loss or disorder of speech, language expression or understanding caused by damage to the brain, i.e. the speech center.

Willis and Stallone worked together on two films in The Expendables trilogy, and Harrison Ford replaced Willis in the third sequel.

As a result of his diagnosis, Willis was forced to retire from acting for good due to the cognitive impairment caused by aphasia, which left him unable to do what he does best.

American film actor, screenwriter, producer and director Sylvester Stallone (76) has now decided for the first time to reveal to the public a little more details about the condition of his friend.

In an interview, famous actor Sylvester Stallone shared very shocking details about his friend’s condition:

“Bruce is going through a difficult time. He is not allowed to communicate with anyone. It’s killing me, and it’s so sad.”

He added that his friend is currently in isolation and is very sad about it. Willis is going through a hard time, he can’t communicate with anyone, and it’s very frustrating.

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