Keanu Reeves special way to take photos with fans causes enthusiasm on the net

One of the most popular actors of the present, Keanu Reeves, is considered to be the most modest star of Hollywood, who remains very down-to-earth despite his millions. The famous actor doesn’t have bodyguards, he doesn’t wear expensive clothes and doesn’t hide the fact that he still uses public transport, and it is precisely because of his modesty that he has millions of fans worldwide.

Of course, the 54-year-old actor received an extra dose of admiration for his kindness of heart and gentlemanly manners. After the Twitter account “Lind-says” published a fascinating collection of photos of the famous actor with women, everyone noticed one exciting thing. Namely, Keanu does not make a difference whether he is photographed with unknown women or with ladies from the world of show business, but one thing is always the same. In all photos his fists are in the “air”. So he does not touch them.

Almost everyone is convinced that this is how Keanu shows his respect for women. However, some comments say that the actor is aware of the #metoo campaign and cares about it.

Few people know that Hollywood star Keanu Reeves suffers from germ phobia. The fear of microbes on surfaces, including human limbs, also causes him to wash his hands constantly. In order for Keanu to always be kind to everyone who loves him, he had to find a compromise.

Regardless of the real reason, Keanu Reeves is still an example of a successful but humble man who remains accessible to “normal” people regardless of his business success.

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