The dog had been looking for a way home for eight years and the family traveled 500 km to hug their pet

Due to a ridiculous accident, Stevie Roger lost his four-legged friend. He ran away from home and got lost.

The owners did not lose hope. They posted ads in search of a dog. However, the years passed and there was no news.


Until eight years later, Stevie received a call from people claiming that they had seen his dog named Kavik. After a distance of 500 kilometers, Roger finally found his friend. The dog was in terrible condition.

Life on the road was not easy for the animal. The dog suffered from exhaustion and dystrophy. He is still waiting for treatment, but the dog’s life is getting better and soon he will be completely healthy.

The most incredible thing about such stories is that after so many years the animals recognize the people they lived with and almost cry when they see their owners after so long.

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