Bus driver found dogs freezing in thunderstorm, breaks rules and puts them on bus

Many animals are afraid of lightning and loud thunderclaps. Most dogs have the luxury of being safe and secure in a home during bad weather. For homeless dogs, the only option is usually to wait out the storm.

In doing so, they usually have to endure the force of the elements without any type of shelter. This can be both frightening and physically exhausting.

Fortunately, a Buenos Aires bus driver took pity on two homeless dogs and broke the rules so they could feel safe and secure in a terrible storm.

This heartwarming event took place when a bus driver happened upon two drenched dogs shivering from cold and fear in a strong storm. The bus driver knew that his employer, the city of Buenos Aires, forbids all animals from boarding the city bus.

However, the man decided that showing compassion for animals in need was worth breaking the rules and possibly risking his job.

As you can imagine, some of the passengers noticed the kindness of the bus driver. They made social media posts citing the driver’s compassion, and they showed a few pictures of the dogs. Some passengers even asked their social media followers to help them find homes for the dogs.

The story of the bus driver’s kindness quickly spread on social media. While the posts were meant to show the bus driver’s compassion and seek help for the animals, news of the bus driver’s violation of workplace rules eventually reached his superiors.

As a result, the city of Buenos Aires released a statement reaffirming its animal-free city bus policy. However, instead of punishing the man for his kindness, they stated that they had made an exception in this case given the circumstances.

What a good deed this bus driver did! Have you seen people showing kindness to stray animals? Please take a moment to leave your comments in the box below and pass them along to any dog lovers you know!

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