Woman meets her Rottweiler again after two years of separation at the animal shelter

Bella, a lovely Rottweiler dog , has had a very hard life. Fortunately, her future now promises to be bright. Bella ended up at the Humane Society of Chittenden County shelter after tearing her cruciate ligament.

Her owners couldn’t afford surgery (three to five thousand dollars!) and the poor thing was limping badly, so they decided to bring her to the shelter for help.

Once Bella was at the shelter, the shelter staff was able to convince a local veterinarian to perform the surgery for free. The Humane Society staff wanted Bella to spend the rest of her life with a loving family and not in a kennel at a shelter, so they began searching.

That’s how the ad caught Jenn’s eye – and she just couldn’t believe it. After all, the picture was of her own dog! Bella had disappeared several years ago during a tumultuous divorce, and Jenn had no idea where to look. She had already resigned herself to the loss and thought Bella was long dead. And then, all of a sudden, an ad, a picture….

The Humane Society posted this message on their YouTube channel, “Last week we received a call from a woman who said she seemed to recognize her Bella – she had lost her two years ago in a difficult divorce and missed her very much. Jenn came to the shelter today to make sure it was really her dog.”

Upon entering the shelter, the reaction of the dog herself left no doubt – she recognized Jenn, and it indeed turned out to be her long-lost and beloved Rottweiler. The shelter staff was very excited about their reunion. Bella not only successfully survived the surgery, she also found her family and beloved owner!

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