Fri. May 7th, 2021

Despite the difficulties in life, kittens still enjoy life

Two kittens named Newt and Frog were born with a rather rare disease. Both of them have only front paws, while the back paws are missing.

But they are still very active animals. They can walk and even run, while their development speed was no different from ordinary kittens. To keep balance, kittens use their tails.

These babies ended up in a shelter in the UK when they were still children. Volunteers took them into their care and promised at any cost to find loving owners for these wonderful animals.

At the moment the kittens have spent about ten days in the shelter. None of the doctors have ever encountered such a disease as they. This is truly a unique phenomenon.
Perhaps the father and mother of these kittens themselves came from the same litter. In this case, sick kittens are often born. This can happen when heterosexual cats are kept in the same apartment without neutering them.

The founder of the shelter where the babies are kept says that disability is not an obstacle for kittens at all. They calmly jump on different surfaces and walk no slower than healthy animals.

Now Frog and Newt are under the supervision of specialists. It may happen that they can not find the owners. Then the kittens stay in the shelter. When growing up, if the animals can not balance as well as in childhood, they may need special strollers for movement.

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