Fri. May 7th, 2021

An adorable bird named Bubba has formed a special relationship with his owner, thanks to which he learned to whistle a peaceful tune.

Orphaned Bubba was found under a tree in the backyard of Anthony in Australia.

A common star helped his new owner cope with grief by learning to sing a song. In the touching video posted on the Internet, Anthony begins whistling a short tune, all the while Bubba watches him curiously, sitting peacefully on his arm.

Bubba starts whistling a song and suddenly stops, but Anthony kindly asks his new friend to “do it right”. Bubba, delighting the owner, eventually repeats the tune and also later receives applause from a group of people sitting next to the dining table.

The couple touched the online community and animal lovers. “He lost his dog and nature replaced him with a very funny bird,” commented one of the Internet users.

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