Fri. May 7th, 2021

Despite his size, Bruce is the most peaceful member of the family

Chris and Wiley Fulton from Ontario have a huge dog named Bruce. The dog’s height is almost one meter and the four-legged friend weighs 100 kg.

The family always wanted a big dog. They took Bruce when he was 7 weeks old – he weighed 6 kg then and was very clumsy, but they didn’t mind. The puppy grew up, put on weight. But a year later, the owners realized that their dog had grown into a real coward.

In the family, the dog is the biggest, but he is afraid of everything around him. Bruce is invariably very curious, sweet and sociable with everyone. But when it encounters something incomprehensible or threatening, the dog is afraid and hides.

Even an apple core or a sock can scare a puppy. And he is also afraid of various sounds and often runs to the owner to hide in his arms.

As the owner found out, it is impossible to retrain Bruce, such is his character. Owners of Great Danes often face such a problem. Dogs of this breed, despite their size, often behave very peacefully and are even afraid of small animals.

Black kitten against big Great Dane

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