Fri. May 7th, 2021

Statler is 33, has only one eye, arthritis and so many injuries that he can no longer take to the air. But love can overcome any obstacle.

There’s nothing new in sheltering cats and dogs, but what about a shelter for bats?

All the sick and injured bats, the bats with damaged wings – all the ones that won’t survive in the wild – are finding shelter in the state of Texas.

Bats are cute after all. Source: unsplash
The favorite of shelter staff and subscribers is an elderly bat named Statler.

Technically, he’s not even a bat, but a fruit bat: it was probably the giant silhouettes of his fellow bats that led medieval people to fantasize about vampires.

Recently, Statler turned 34 years old. Incredible!

He is already 34 years old, which is more than an old age for his species; he is the oldest bat living in human care. He has seen enough misery in his life to age with only one eye, mangled wings, and terrible arthritis.

Statler can no longer take to the air: His diseased and injured wings can no longer hold him up. But every day, a shelter worker makes him “fly”: she carefully holds the old animal with both hands on his back and belly while he spreads his wings in the air and feels like flying again.

He loves his guardian: he sleeps in her arms and hugs her with his leathery wings as with his paws.

He spends all his time on the roost, from where he sometimes goes for a swim. You could say that Statler went to heaven while he was alive: no wild bat got as much fresh fruit as he did at the shelter.

The video of Statler’s touching walk went viral on the Internet, winning thousands of hearts. He was jokingly called the “icon of millennials”: after all, at 33, he is already old. One girl wrote that they “could go to school together and become best friends.”

The story of this cute bat dog seems to be exactly what we all missed in the new year 2021.

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