A stray dog climbed into a car and simply fell asleep: this is how he found his owners

The month of February was full of surprises for Rodrigo Coelho and his wife. It all started when the husband and wife went to the pharmacy to buy some medicine.

They drove there in their car, not suspecting that they would return with more than just pills….

When Rodrigo left the pharmacy and entered the parking lot, his wife opened the car door for him, as he had his hands full.

At that moment, a stray dog approached the couple. It was very sudden, but the dog pretended to know what it was doing.

When Rodrigo’s wife opened the car door, the male dog jumped in and immediately fell asleep. The poor thing was very tired from wandering around. He had nowhere to rest, and sensing that the people were nice, he decided to sleep in their car.

“Tired, little one…” the dazed couple whispered as they looked at the uninvited guest.

The animal’s paws were dirty and it smelled as if it had just rummaged through the trash. It must have been, because it had been wandering around the garbage for a long time looking for food.

When Rodrigo and his wife looked at the sleeping dog, they realized that they could not leave him alone. He looked so unhappy and tired that they didn’t wake him up. The poor thing was visibly relieved to find a safe place to sleep.

The couple decided not to abandon the animal and took it home. Once inside, the puppy immediately found a new place to continue his interrupted sleep. He lay down on the sofa and fell asleep again….

While the toddler slept, Rodrigo’s other dogs sniffed the guest in amazement. And when he woke up, he was introduced, accompanied by general squealing and barking. However, it did not come to a fight.

The man decided to make a video of the animal getting used to its new home. When it was all done, he posted the video on social media. The video quickly spread on the Internet and soon something happened that the couple did not expect!

In the comments it could be read that many people had seen the doggy in other quarters. The pet was recognized! It turned out that his real name was Thor and his owners lived 13 km away from Rodrigo’s home. The little prankster had simply gotten lost….

Of course, the couple immediately tracked down his owners and made them happy. How happy Thor was when he finally met his beloved people!

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