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Nicola’s charges are dogs who have had a difficult life. They were mistreated, unloved, and when cruel fate sent them cancer, they were left alone to die. A simple nurse decided to remedy this by giving each of them the very best last days.

For many years, Nicola Coyle cared for sick animals as a nurse in a dog rescue service. Then the woman retired, but continued to help individual animals in need.

She has increasingly thought about opening her own business, which would allow her to expand her horizons. So last year, a project called Grey Muzzle was born – a hospice for terminally ill abandoned dogs.

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Nicola takes in animals that have less than six months to live and does everything she can to make her charges’ last days as happy as possible.

Dogs with cancer are a neglected category. They rarely find owners, so most shelters simply euthanize dogs suffering from cancer.

The woman walks her animals and arranges interesting adventures for them, like a picnic on the beach or a trip to the pub. And once an English woman took a curious dog for a ride in a police car!

Animal birthdays are always an event. Nicola tries to throw a small party with guests and birthday cake.

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It costs about £500 to keep a dog. For a long time Nicola spent her own money and only recently she started receiving voluntary donations.

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Over the years, Nicola has never learned not to take things hard. She gets used to her charges and grieves for each dog that passes away.

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No matter how hard her work is, she is ready to repeat the experience again and again – to see how happy the dogs leave this world. The animals spend their last days in love and care, getting many new experiences and delicious food.

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