The puppy sat on the side of the road all day and was afraid to approach people, the woman rescued the baby with the help of crackers

Erin Gillott was recently driving to Mainville, Ohio, for work and noticed a puppy sitting on the side of the road.

The puppy looked like it hadn’t eaten in days. Erin immediately stopped the car, but the pit bull wouldn’t let her get any closer and ran away. The woman thought all day and worried about the dog and called the local guard for help.


After work, she drove through the same place and saw the supervisor there. She talked to him and he said that he would take care of the puppy. However, Erin could not leave the puppy, so she returned an hour later to look for the baby.


Surprisingly, she found the puppy sitting there! The dog was still terrified and ran back into the woods from the road. Only this time, Erin decided to help the animal! She got a bag of croutons from the car, sat down, and waited for the baby.

Two hours later, the puppy finally came out and allowed Erin to pick him up and take him home.

At this point, Erin was completely in love with the dog, whom she named Lily! Soon, her boyfriend Zakk Huffman felt the same way! The two went to the vet as soon as possible, but didn’t find the microchip. They can only guess what Lily went through, but they know the pup feels safe and happy with them!

“I removed 17 ticks from her, she is very emaciated, she has an injured paw, but she is home with us and she loves it! I have never cried so much with joy. She is so grateful and I feel it every time I am with her,” Erin wrote.

We are so happy that Erin was in the right place at the right time! Now this good girl can forget about her past and enjoy life to the fullest with her new family.

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