Sat. Nov 6th, 2021

The bird was immediately sent for bathing to return it to its usual appearance
In the UK, there is a hospital for wild animals. It accepts patients around the clock, 365 days a year. Recently, another call came in from caring people. People explained they had found a bright yellow bird on the side of the road.

The feathered one could not take off, and so it would not have lived for a long time. The vets were ready to help, but did not know which bird they would meet.

The bird was brought to the professionals, and they immediately understood what kind of strange bird was hiding behind the bright color. It was a common seagull, soiling itself from head to toe in spices.

There were so many that the feathers were stuck together and no longer worked. Hospital staff said the color and smell of the dye resembled curry or turmeric.

How and under what circumstances the seagull changed her appearance is unknown. Perhaps she wanted to bring something new into her life and started with the color of the feathers. The sharp dye did not do her any good and made her life much harder.

After the water treatments, the seagull went to dry and gained strength.

The bird has fully recovered and will be released soon.


The hospital staff is grateful to the caring people who brought the injured bird to them. They hope that the curi lover will not repeat her mistakes again and stay away from spices.

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