Sat. Nov 6th, 2021

The German Shepherd was spotted by a fisherman in Moreton Bay, he pulled the animal out of the water and immediately turned to rescuers.

Everything that happened is another proof that dogs are the most loyal and reliable friends.


It happened in Australia, a fisherman noticed a dog trying to swim to shore. Next to the dog floated a box with fishing gear, and in the distance could be seen a diving suit. The man helped the dog and began calling for rescuers.

It was clear that something bad had happened. At that time, a whole team of rescuers had gathered. The dog was brought to the shore, but he whimpered all the time and wanted to go back to the water.


The search lasted several hours and fortunately everything ended well – the man was found. He was holding on to the boat, which was already sinking to the bottom. The rescued man stated that he lost control of the boat.

Most of all, they were impressed by how the dog could swim so long to seek help for his owner. He really hoped that everything will be all right with the pet.

This is not the first known case when dogs save their owners, and this dog has become a real hero. As it turned out later, according to the rescuers, the dog swam for 11 hours to help its owner.

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