The largest dog breeds in the world

Okay, we know the Chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds of dogs in the world, but what are the largest breeds of dogs in the world? Check out this list that brings together the largest dog breeds in the world.

French mastiff

This breed is better known as the Dogue de Bordeaux. It is a breed of French origin, the male specimens of which weigh about 65 kilograms. The average height is about 67 inches. These dogs live a maximum of 8 years, which is often the case with large breeds.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

This breed lives twice as long as the Dogue de Bordeaux, around 15 years. By the way, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog comes from Turkey. These are extremely courageous and confident dogs that can grow up to 80 centimeters and weigh around 65 kilograms.
largest dog breeds in the world

Newfoundland dog

This beautiful hairy giant has a short life expectancy, just eight years. Although he weighs 75 centimeters and 70 kilograms, this breed is extremely gentle, dogs are completely harmless and easy to train.
largest dog breeds in the world
They are very fond of their family, so it’s no wonder Nana, the dog from the Darling family from Peter Pan, is just a tall and caring Newfoundland dog (we mean the original story, not the Disney cartoon).

Neapolitan mastiff

This Italian beauty makes a great watchdog as he looks really scary. They are very smart, independent dogs and real ninjas (they are incredibly quiet). They weigh about 70 kilograms.

The Leonberger

The Leonberger dog is a huge and very old breed. The breed was named after the city of Leonberg in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Legend has it that Leonberger was purposely bred and paired to look like a lion on the city’s coat of arms. He is an obedient, fearless, loyal, and adaptable dog full of love. They weigh about 75 kilograms.
Leonberger dog
Irish Wolfhound
No surprises: this is a breed from Ireland that was used to hunt large animals, mostly wolves. Although they look a little scary with their long legs, they are actually good family dogs. You lift your long legs to about 80 centimeters, your weight is about 55 kg.
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Irish Wolfhound

German Mastiff

The Great Dane is an absolutely friendly dog, confident, gentle and full of love. Males grow to around 86 centimeters and weigh up to 90 kilograms.

English mastiff

This giant is actually a beautiful, gentle, and good dog. A real cuddly bear with 100 kilograms and 90 centimeters in size. It is believed that this breed originated in England and originated sometime in the Middle Ages. They were used for fights that had been banned since the 19th century.

Caucasian Ovcharka.

This breed is very popular in the region from which it got its name. There he served as a sheepdog and attack dog for centuries. He is fearless and adapted to cold weather conditions, but he is very dominant and does not like competition. Realistically, the competition would be powerless against 100 kilos and a little less than a meter in height.

Caucasian Ovcharka

And the number 1 of the largest dog breeds in the world is: the St. Bernard
The Saint Bernard is a breed that was first mentioned in the 17th century. It also comes under the names of Saint Bernard Dog, Holy Dogs, Alpine Mastiff Dog, Bernhardinerand and Barry Dog. They are up to 90 centimeters tall and can weigh up to 120 kilograms

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