10 pregnant animals shortly before giving birth

Every mother can probably understand this when in the last few weeks of pregnancy one is no longer even able to tie one’s shoes. When every step of the stairs seems like a climb up the Himalayas. And if you just manage to roll yourself out of bed with difficulty in the morning. By the way, animals are no different from us humans.

These pictures show the cutest baby bellies that the animal kingdom has to offer, and at the same time the faces of the expectant mothers, who have slowly puffed their mouths off.

This facial expression makes even the “Grumpy Cat” jealous.

Will this meerkat lady still fit through the narrow corridors of her burrow?

Particularly tricky during pregnancy: personal hygiene.

Whether this is probably a birth preparation course for soon to be seahorse fathers?

What looks like a football with legs here is actually a guinea pig.

The macaque mom knows exactly how to pose on the pregnancy shoot.

With this voluminous waist, the legs of the elephant lady look almost graceful.

Accelerates from 1 to 1.5 HP in an estimated 30 minutes.

As if the giraffe didn’t have a hard enough physique anyway.

When the notorious cravings strikes …

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