The dog always comes up to the boy, stands on his hind legs and hugs him: mom has shared recordings of their friendship

The friendship that melted the hearts of Internet users

The user of the social network TikTok posted a touching video of her son with a pet. The video immediately became popular and was actively shared.

“He always hugs him in return,” the woman wrote under the video of her son and her beloved dog.

The video shows the boy Charlie gently cuddling up to the retriever named Louis. After the child lets go of the dog, the dog immediately hugs the little owner.

In the first 3 days, the video has gained over 12 million views. Internet users were touched by such a sincere and true friendship from the first seconds.

Here are some comments:

“I think they even look alike.”

“Oh, I love retrievers because of their attitude towards children.”

“That’s why I love dogs more than cats.”

“Kids and dogs are the perfect combination.”

Watch the video posted by mom:

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