While the woman was waiting for the bus, a stray dog came up to her and grabbed her by the bandana

Each of us remembers how a little “shaggy wonder” appeared in the house and changed our lives forever. Today Jane shared her story with us by telling us about a dog named Archie.

The pet joined the family about three months ago. She was waiting for her bus at the bus stop when a fateful encounter occurred.A stray dog approached Jane, stood on his hind legs, grabbed her by the bandana and pulled her aside. She followed him and walked away from the bus stop, not understanding what the animal wanted from her. At that time the bus left and Jane had to walk home.

The dog stayed on and followed the woman. By then he had already let the scarf out of his mouth.

The animal led the young woman to her house. She felt genuinely sorry for the dog, so she brought him some food. The dog ate and then hugged Jane with his long paws, not wanting to let him go. Her heart clenched and she realized that she should not leave the animal on the street.

She took the dog home and introduced him to her two cats as well as her dachshund. When she saw that the newcomer got along well with everyone, she knew she would keep him for herself. That’s how Archie came into the family.

The street dog turned out to be very smart. He joyfully and easily learns commands and plays with his new owner.

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