Sat. Nov 6th, 2021

Last year, swans began frequenting the river in Boston, Massachusetts.

A pair of swans decided that the park’s lagoon was the perfect place to raise a family.

“In early April, we noticed for the first time that they had a nest. We soon saw the female swan begin laying eggs. By early May, a total of nine eggs had been laid. About 10 days ago, the swans began to hatch,” said Emma Feeney, marketing and events coordinator.

Bird and wildlife enthusiasts gather around the nest to watch seven swans hatch, cared for by their caring parents.

Swan pairs, which normally mate for life, share parental responsibilities. They take turns feeding and protecting their swans. Last Monday, however, the mother swan became ill and passed away.

She appeared to be nodding her head and could not get up on her own. Unfortunately, by the time Animal Control arrived at the park, the female swan had died. The male swan was in the nest with swans hiding under his wings. The veterinarian examined the wild mother swan and could not determine the cause of death.

“The swan’s death has broken the hearts of many Bostonians,” the woman said. The male swan without his lover became a single father and did everything he could to raise his babies properly.

The swan became an excellent father for its chicks. Thanks to their caring father, the seven swans will have a great chance to grow strong and find a mate one day.

“They’ve been through a lot, but they seem so strong,” Emma said.

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