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This story happened in Albania. One of the families of the small town of Patok, located in the north of the country, caught a wolf in the forest and brought it to her home. This made them popular throughout the country.

These people had their own farm. After catching a wild animal, they decided to keep it with them.

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Everyone knows that the wolf is a predator that needs meat for its full existence. And the Albanian family was aware of this. Therefore, they gave the wolf an old donkey. But what happened next surprised everyone. The wolf not only did not touch the donkey, but also began to coexist peacefully with it.

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They spent a whole week together. And the wolf didn’t even consider the donkey as its prey. You can say that they found a common language.

When this story became known to a wide circle of people, they began to beg the family to free the animals. And the family had to listen to the farmers and release the animals. The donkey was returned to its original place and the wolf was released into the forest.

Screenshot: YouTube / JUSTFAN

But that’s not the most amazing thing about this story. At the place where the old donkey was grazing, a wolf was once seen. From then on, he often visited his “friend in misfortune”. It’s incredible how two completely different animal subspecies could become friends.

Screenshot: YouTube / JUSTFAN

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