Divers did not expect such close acquaintance with a group of the sea lions

When young sea lions surrounded the divers, they felt unsafe. After all, even young seals weigh like an adult and are not very friendly. It turned out that people were afraid in vain.

Divers swam in a dive in the shallow waters of the Galapagos Islands. Fish, corals – the usual program. What they had not waited for was a meeting with sea lions. And more than that, people had not expected such a close acquaintance.

An adult sea lion weighs no less than 150 kilograms, and some are three or four times more than an adult. They look awfully cute with their mustachioed, dog-like faces and playful behaviors. But these seals are not very friendly to humans.

So when several sea lions swam up to the divers, they didn’t feel very safe. The seals surrounded the divers and looked them in the face. It seemed that the sea lions were terribly curious – who was so unfamiliar with flippers. Maybe an unknown species of sea lion? Or maybe some big fish like that?

Young lions turned out to be cute and playful, just like puppies. And then the divers decided to join the game. Christie began copying the seals’ behavior, diving under them and swimming in circles. The sea lions accepted the woman and put on a real water show for her.

It was like a ballet: the seals circled in pairs, made a “loop” under water, swam with their bellies up. They performed “sea figures”, made a “candle” and blew bubbles – in general, they had a lot of fun. Their partner filmed this amazing show. If you turn on the sound, you can hear how the sea lions communicate with each other.

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