The little cat could not walk: Skilled doctors gave her a new life

Smoke the cat was brought to Best clinic by her owner and a veterinarian from Novokuznetsk. The four-year-old British cat suffered frostbite on the feet, tail and ears when she ran away from her former owner for the first time

According to the veterinarian, cases of frostbite in cats are not uncommon during the winter season. During the cold season, the clinic receives up to 5-7 animals with frostbitten ears and paws.

Smoke’s new owner decided to make her prosthetic ears. Veterinarians Natalie Helberg and Sergio Esposito designed titanium bionic prosthetics for the cat’s front and back paws. Then they printed them out using a 3D printer.

At first, Smoke received prostheses on his front paws, and three weeks later, on his back paws as well. The cat quickly mastered the device and learned to walk, wash and stretch again.

Smoke. Quelle:

At the clinic, Smoke made friends with another cat, Archie. He too suffered from the freeze and lost his paws, ears and tail. Archie also received paws made of titanium.

In December 2019, seven months after the surgery, Best Clinic published a video about Smoke’s life. Her prosthetics have taken root and the cat feels great.

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