The wolves disturbed the villagers until they were caught: but the good man decided to release them

Forest wolves have been disturbing the residents of a remote northern village all winter, namely, they often approached people’s homes and barked.

The villagers paid for the work of hunters, who managed to catch the wolves with the help of traps. The wolves were placed in an enclosure and kept there for many days, receiving no food and the enclosure was not heated in any way. A boy who was 17 years old at the time brought food to the wolves so that they would not die.

Every evening the boy would look around the enclosure and bring food – the wolves even got used to him. Most importantly, they could only get food from him. In order not to give the wolves to the zoo, the man persuaded the villagers to just let them out.

Together with his father, he drove the wolves 50 km away from the village and released them there. The wolves never came back, because they surely felt that the people meant them no harm.

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