Fri. May 7th, 2021

A homeless pit bull mother, later named Abilene, was living in an abandoned barn with her newborn puppies. She tried her best to feed her puppies, but when Hurricane Harvey came – survival became very difficult.

Since many cities were affected by flooding, the city where Abilene lived was always in danger of flooding as well. To make matters worse, there was also a chemical factory that could explode at any time due to the incredible amount of rain. Abilene’s maternal instinct told her to save the babies.

She decided to take a life-changing step for her family. At night, she chose the good people’s house and brought her puppies to its porch.

Abilene’s motherly heart was not wrong in choosing the people. They recognized that the family needed help and turned them over to Animal Rescue Center.

The volunteers first decided to bathe the family to get rid of all the unwanted parasites.

Then they took the whole family to the vet to have them examined. The puppies were perfectly healthy and even had a normal weight for their age. Obviously, Abilene was doing her best to make sure her babies were fed. Mutti herself was emaciated and very thin.

Fortunately, they quickly found a family willing to take Abilene and her babies into the shelter. The babies are growing up, Abilene is gaining weight and all this surrounded by love and care.

So Abilene’s maternal instinct helped her save her beautiful babies!

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