Fri. May 7th, 2021

When this bitch became pregnant, the owners suddenly decided to give her away. Thank God, they did not throw her on the street, but put her in a shelter. Even after this irresponsible act, the animal was attracted to people and was always happy to have visitors.

Thus, the dog, which had lived its whole life in warmth and care, became unwanted and abandoned in an instant. Fortunately, one of the shelter staff decided to take in an animal in a delicate situation.

Long awaited care. Source:
Three weeks after the dog moved in with her new owner, she had 11 wonderful puppies. What a joy to see the babies surrounded by warmth and love!

When the woman came to check on her offspring, something happened that she never expected. The new mother brought all the puppies onto her lap. You must agree that this is the highest level of trust!

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