Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

Animals feel everything just like humans do. They show emotions just as well as we do. For example, there are many pictures of smiling dogs on the Internet. And you also have to look at a picture of this opossum.

On its face you can see many emotions. You can only imagine how this animal feels. This baby is magical.

Opossums are very common in southern Mexico, south to northern Peru, eastern Bolivia and Paraguay. They are as big as a cat. Their body length is 36-53 cm, tail is 25-33 cm long and weighs 1.6-5.7 kg.

These small animals are quickly attached to their masters. Opossums are gentle, tender, beautiful and incredibly cute. And they are also great artists: they do not imagine themselves alive out of fear and do not move until the danger disappears.

If you find an opossum in an exotic country, you should not take it with you. It is not alone, there is always a mother nearby who communicates with it through certain sounds.

If you are sure that the mother is not there, you can take opossum to the shelter.

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