Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

American Lewis Jimenez spent about two decades in prison. This experience prompted him to start a new life. The man had many problems, but somehow he managed: society treated the former prisoner with prejudice.

So the man had the idea to find not an ordinary friend, but a four-legged one. Mr. Jimenez ‘s choice was Titus, an eight-month-old pit bull.

Lewis said that he and Titus share a similar fate because pit bulls are also often considered overly aggressive and dangerous, although this is far from the truth.

The first ten months of Lewis and Titus’ friendship were not easy. The man continued to have problems with money, there were times when the dog and his owner spent the night in the car.

And then the man solved the problems and rented an apartment. However, not everything was smooth here either. Lewis ‘neighbor hated his dog so much that he forced him to walk the animal only at night.

Once the man deviated from this rule: he allowed his ten-year-old grandson to walk Titus. It is not known exactly what actually happened.

But the neighbor assures that the dog rushed at him and bit his finger. To avoid putting the matter to sleep, Lewis took his four-legged friend to a shelter with a pain in his heart.

Jimenez, however, had no intention of leaving his friend. He made an effort to change, and as soon as he had unpacked all his things in a new place, he went to join his friend.

Titus was glad to be reunited with the owner. As Lewis says, now the dog constantly looks at him, as if he does not believe that they are together again.


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