Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

It was an ordinary morning, Sara was walking her dog Turbo, as she always did before starting her work day. It was a cold and rainy morning when she heard a soft meowing.

Looking around, Sara noticed a small kitten lying in the street. The woman picked him up, but Turbo snapped to attention and ran to the end of the yard. There he found two more kittens.

The kittens were shivering from the cold. The mother cat was nowhere to be found, she probably hadn’t been near the babies for a long time, they desperately needed help, so Sara asked for leave from work and went to the doctor with her unusual find.

After the visit to the veterinary clinic, the woman took the kittens home and set up a cozy home for them. The kittens were the same color – red-haired with white spots. The kittens needed their mother’s warmth and care, and they got it, but from the dog Turbo.

The kittens were very playful and independent.

The dog was always near the kittens and replaced their mother. The kittens liked it very much, they often fell asleep next to the dog.

Sara was not surprised because she knew that Turbo participates in Animal Therapy and often visits patients and Down syndrome. She knew Turbo was a very caring and attentive dog. He is always very balanced and calm.

Day by day the kittens are growing and Sara is thinking about finding new owners for the babies. In the meantime, they are in Turbo’s care.


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