Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

In late January, the animal rescue organization Dream Fetchers received information about a female German shepherd lying on the side of the road in the California town of Maskoy.

The dog named Marley remained motionless and did not even try to get up. Next to her, the organization’s workers found a fluffy red dog. He waited for hours for help, peering at passing cars and not leaving his wounded friend.

According to Faith Isdale, a rescuer who came to the call, Marley was in serious condition. She was breathing heavily and in pain. Faith wasn’t even sure if the dog would survive.

As rescuers tried to get Marley into the car, her protector – the dog’s name was Murphy – rushed after her, not wanting to leave her friend for a minute. He climbed on the seat and put his head on the huge belly of the dog.

At the veterinary hospital where the dogs were taken, Marley was x-rayed. Doctors found several broken bones and an unexpected surprise – eleven puppies ready to be born.

A few days later, Marley became a mother. Despite the constant pain in her paws, she tried to give the puppies as much attention as possible, and Murphy was always there.

The rehabilitation of the dog lasted about two years. Thanks to the care of the foster family and the help of doctors, Marley made a full recovery.

Dream Fetchers also made sure her friend and guardian Murphy also found a new home and family who could appreciate his dedication and loyalty.

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