Fri. Oct 1st, 2021

The rat, later nicknamed Cooper, was sold along with his relatives in the New York pet store exclusively for snake food.


Cooper and other rats from this cage were considered to belong to the decorative Dumbo breed, but their ears were quite normal (Dumbo rats have large ears), and the hair had the usual reddish color, like that of pike rats. As a result, almost no one bought these rats as pets at the pet store.

When 55-year-old Pauline Maureen came to this store and saw the sign on the cage of rats “Food for snakes”, she felt very sorry for the rodents. Without hesitation, Maureen bought all the rats from that cage in the pet store and brought them home.


And then a rat got out of the cage and walked on the sofa. At that moment, Pauline’s cat named Prudence became interested in the rat.

Three years ago Prudence was picked up from the street and Pauline. The cat at the sight of this rat she expressed no aggression, and then lay down next to her and began to lick the rat as if it were her kitten.


They are now close friends. Pauline nicknamed the rat Cooper. And Prudence and Cooper spend a lot of time together.


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