Wed. Sep 29th, 2021

An eight-year-old dog named Pedro was taken across the country to his new owners despite isolation rules in the UK.

The dog was surrendered to a shelter in June 2020 when his owner could no longer care for him. Pedro had waited so long for a suitable home, but adopters were hard to find – everyone wants small dogs. As time went on, the dog became sadder and lonelier. The staff tried desperately to find him a permanent home.

And so Pedro agreed to be adopted. However, the question of transportation came up immediately. The new owners lived nearly half a thousand miles from the shelter.

During his journey from Merseyside to Weymouth, the pooch was sent to various volunteers. Isolation rules only prohibit bringing pets to new homes in the area. So a complicated plan had to be devised to get the dog to Weymouth, shared Pamela Bird, RSPCA (Stray Animal Care Centre) inspector.

“Fortunately, we were able to put together five volunteer groups, hire a zookeeper and a volunteer driver. We held a relay race and everyone had to be very coordinated!” – Pamela tells us .

Pedro was taken from Merseyside to the RSPCA in Birmingham, then to Bristol and finally to his new home in Weymouth. “The staff in Birmingham really loved him and took great care of him during his short stay,” Berd tells us.

Pedro’s new owner, Peter Kerr, said, “Pedro is doing well, he’s full of life and after just a few days it feels like he’s always been with us.”

RSPCA centers remain closed to the public during the third lockdown in England, but staff are processing applications, arranging virtual home checks and moving animals to their new homes.

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