Tue. Oct 12th, 2021

Animals are kind and friendly. They respond to good with loyalty and to evil with alienation.

Roscoe came to the shelter in Washington as a puppy. Despite the concern of the workers, he behaved unusually, did not make friends with anyone and was constantly sad.

Photo: lemurov.net

Volunteers thought that he may have had a loving family in the past. Caring people posted a post about him on social media. They hoped to find the owners of the puppy in this way.

Photo: lemurov.net

A miracle happened. Very soon, a farmer called the shelter and said that he lost his puppy three years ago. He searched for a long time for a puppy, looked at all possible ads.

But the baby was never found. The man was invited to the shelter so he could be sure if it was his puppy.

Photo: lemurov.net

When the farmer showed up, no proof was needed. As soon as the dog heard his scent, Roscoe became excited and rushed to the man, happily wagging his tail. Roscoe couldn’t help himself and started crying because the wait was finally over.

Photo: lemurov.net

Source: lemurov.net, youtube.com

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