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Photography is all about capturing the perfect moment. And depending on what you’re capturing, that moment can be just a second that’s just too hard to capture because it happens so fast.

Or it may be an hour, but it is an hour that happens every fifty years or so.. In either case, moments are therefore precious.

So let’s consider one such precious, once-in-a-lifetime moment: the time when this one owl decided to relax on the photo lens of this one wildlife photographer.

This happened to Scott Dere (photographer), but with the quick reaction of Beaumon Daja also a photographer, and his picture is in our possession!

Imagine being a wildlife photographer and having wildlife come to you like this?

Photographers Beaumon Day, who Bored Panda contacted, Brooke Bartleson and Arthur Lefo were out in the wild looking for images of great gray owls.

The gang had just hiked in the woods for 2 hours with no luck when they met Scott Dere of The Element of Nature, who also spotted owls.

After a brief conversation, they split up, but moments later Scott called them and indicated that he had spotted an owl.It was amazing that he found the owl where we were We helped him in his search by going back, those big gray owls live high in the treetops, ”Beau said.

He was, watching for a while the owl, decided to head straight for Scott. She shot, landed on his lens and looked around. Scott turned to me and. It shot up and landed on his lens and looked around. Scott turned to me and looked at me in amazement like, “Holy crap, are you serious right now?”

Photographer Beaumon Day recently had the unique opportunity to take pictures of a very curious great gray owl

Beau explained that the owl seemed like it was on the prowl, looking down at the ground like it was trying to see a small rodent or something, or it wouldn’t move at all for a while before deciding to join the crew.

They spent another hour with the bird, watching it fly around, trying to find some game, and also landing on Brooke’s head, which fell to the ground in amazement afterward.

The owl obviously wanted to check on us, in fact it rarely happened to see people, so maybe that’s why she approached us curiously.

And two, he wasn’t threatened by us. I’ve had some great encounters with wildlife and sometimes you can just sense that they are comfortable and at ease with your presence, and you share some sort of connection for the time you are with them. “

The owl could happily approach people as it landed on photographer Scott Dere’s camera lens and perched on photographer Brooke Bartleson’s head

And all without appeal or bait – Beau explained that they never do that with wildlife.

If you’re not aware, owls are great at camouflage. You can only see this with Scott’s photo lens. Imagine the same thing, except with a tree.

Surely one of the hardest parts of photographing an owl is actually finding an owl. Most owls are nocturnal, but some, like this one, prowl the wild during the day – but mostly in the morning and evening

And one of the more difficult challenges is to paint an owl during the summer – no matter what bird it is. Photographing birds in flight definitely requires a technique that can be difficult on so many levels.

Follow the flying bird and keep it in the frame without clipping its wings. Make sure you have a fast enough shutter speed to get the bird in focus, etc. “

The whole photo shoot took about an hour, with the owl making many flybys during the hunt

But it’s definitely worth it. According to Beau, not only is it very rewarding to actually find the owl, but also the time spent, and of course being able to get a nice shot of it in flight.

Beau loved the outdoors from a young age – being in nature, looking for animals, collecting things, etc.

But his commitment to nature and wildlife really increased when he bought his first DSLR and decided to use it for hiking and backpacking . He felt in love with nature all over again.

Owls are nocturnal and their camouflage is great, so it is really rare to get such a chance to photograph an owl

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