Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

For many pet owners, sleeping with a dog close by is relaxing and can help relieve stress. A Pitt Bull in a shelter wants nothing more than a home, and he wants to be wrapped in a blanket every night to feel safe until someone takes him home.

The name of this lovable Pitt Bull is Prince, and he has lived a life that a dog does not deserve, so he made the heartbreaking decision to betray Prince. Thank goodness the owner’s friend took the dog with her

His new owner was taking Prince for a walk one day when he broke free from his leash. An animal control worker found him and took him to a local shelter. When shelter staff examined him, they discovered they had the owner’s contact information. When they contacted her, she told staff she would pick up the dog. However, she did not show up to get the dog even after months.

Shelter staff concluded that Prince had been left behind. Prince also seemed to have known he had been left alone. He got nervous when somebody come too close.. This behavior deterred potential adoptive families from wanting to take him home.

While one of the wardens was making his rounds one evening, he noticed that Prince enjoyed being wrapped in a blanket so he could sleep better at night. The blanket keeps him comfortable, and he likes the cuddles he gets from the staff.

Watch as Prince gets his evening cuddles and is wrapped in a blanket by one of the staff.

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