Tue. Oct 5th, 2021

Many species of animals live on EARTH, and some you may have never heard of. Nature is full of surprises and hides so many unknown creatures, and these are just some of the animals you may not have even known existed.

Or a spade

source: youtube

This adorable animal is also known as the “magic rabbit”. It is a species of mammal from the family Ochotonidae, an endemic species in northwest China. Photographers were able to photograph it again only in 2015, after almost two decades.

Pinocchio frog

They also call it a pointed-nosed frog. When a male of this species tries to attract a female or senses danger, then he straightens his nose in a straight line.

Short-nosed monkey

source: youtube

Due to the unusual shape of the nose, the short-nosed monkey always rains when it rains. This species was discovered in 2010 in Myanmar.

Honduran white bat

source: youtube

These Central American animals live in a tent of leaves, eat fruit and can only grow up to 5 centimeters in length.

Grimpoteuthis (Dumbo octopus)

This deep-sea animal got its nickname because of the two fins between its legs that resemble the ears of a flying elephant Dumba from the famous animated film.

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