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CROWS are birds that can be found in many countries around the world, and more and more people keep them as pets, writes Love To Know. Yet few people are really informed about these birds, their needs and their nature.

Are crows good pets?

If you decide to keep a crow in your house, know that it is not at all easy to have them as pets. They are incredibly intelligent birds and caring for them is like caring for a child. There are numerous difficulties in caring for a crow.

They are wild animals

Crows are not domestic animals and find it difficult to adapt to a life in which they cannot fly freely. They are very intelligent and even know how to use tools. Combining their wild nature and intelligence, they can very quickly become stressed and start behaving neurotically when they are in captivity. They are also known to be very destructive and to have a very sharp and strong bite that can damage smaller bones.

They cannot live in a cage

Crows can’t adapt to a cage the way parrots can because they don’t climb the way parrots do. Crows use their legs to jump from place to place, and this is not possible in a cage, even in one for large parrots. They can only feel good in a large bird cage, but even then it is difficult for them to adjust.

Crows are difficult to feed

Crows require a varied diet, which means you will need to feed them meat, insects, fruits, green vegetables, and essential vitamins and minerals, such as calcium. You cannot feed them bird food and it will be difficult for you to make a variety of food for them. Some crow owners feed their birds dog and cat food, as well as whole mice and insects.


Crows are social

Crows need the company of their species to be happy. Although they can communicate and connect with people, they are mentally much better when they are in a group of crows. When they live alone, without other crows, and even with other animals and people, it is a sad life for them.

Crows are noisy

They can produce a lot of noise and, for the most part, it is not pleasant. Unlike the song of birds, crows produce loud sounds and call out to other crows, which is a deep-rooted behavior in them. These loud sounds can also be produced when they are stressed, hungry or excited.

Veterinary care could be a problem

Most veterinarians will not examine a sick crow. In many states, it is illegal to keep a crow as a pet and a veterinarian would risk his license. However, even in those countries where it is legal to have a crow as a pet, it is difficult to find a veterinarian who is qualified enough and knows how to treat this type of bird because they are not as common as pets.

Taking a crow for a pet

If you really love crows and they are fascinating to you, you can make them a habitat in your backyard and thus enjoy watching them in the wild, and this way you could “legally” keep them in any state. Crows are very intelligent birds with a unique personality, but these qualities prevent them from living successfully as pets.

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